11th edition

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10th edition /basics in carpet export

Published in conjunction with the 24th Persian carpet exhibition, this edition covers "basic techniques of exporting the Persian carpet to international target markets", "a report on lifting international sanctions from Persian carpeting industry", besides, "basics of presenting Persian carpet in stock markets and abroad", "Chinese carpet exports", "identity of Persian carpet", "carpet packaging techniques and its importance in export", exclusive interviews with Dr. Abdolhamid Ebrahimi with the subject of "selling a carpet looks like a war".

9th edition/academic courses on carpets

This edition covers academic teachings of carpeting in Iran. It also includes interviews and academic notes by M. Baqer Aghamiri, Habibolah Ayatolahi, Iraj Eskandari, Reza Alahdad, Sadeq Tabrizi, Ali Tan, Taher Sabahi, M. Reza Abed, Fazlolah Heshmati Razavi, Ali Hosori, Keykhosro Sobhe, Amir H. Chitsazian, Shirin Soresrafil, etc. Also available: - 20 years of academic training of carpeting in Iran - How Persian handmade carpet benefits from Lausanne statement (interview with Hosein Raghfar, Farshad Momeni and Albert Baghzian) - Awe-inspiring woven carpets (arty designed carpets) - Demotex fair, 2015, Germany - Pakistan, a rival or buyer? (a look at Pakistani carpets in international markets) - Sangusko carpet in Mihu museum etc.

8th edition/ carpet's organization

Torreh covers interviews and notes by Dr. M. Reza Aref (carpet needs a strong organization), Dr. Bahman Namvar Motlaq (we don't receive inspirations like the former government), Dr. Ali Akabr Farhangi (carpet must be independent), Dr. M. Ali Shamabadi (we better build an organization for the carpet), Dr. Faisal Mardasi (sales management, past and future), Fazlolah Heshmati Razavi (organizational outlook for carpeting in Iran). You can also read: - Who runs the Handmade carpeting market in Germany? - We are the pain; difficulty in insuring the carpet weavers - 23rd anniversary of a fair (a brief look at the 23rd carpet exhibition) - A letter from Tehran (Cecil Edwards) - Taste of capital city residents for carpet - Standard carpet, standards for carpet

6th edition/carpet & music

Interview with Sima Bina (I don't walk on silk carpet), Hesamoldin Seraj (wipe the dust for a clear sight), Dr. Mohammad Sarir (looking for a shared chapter), Daryush Pirniakan (from music instruments to carpet fabric) and notes by Bijan Bijani and Aminolah Rashidi. Also articles on "mathematics in oriental carpets" and "the USA, the largest market of Persian carpet" can be reached in this edition and 5th edition.

4th edition/ carpet tableau

Interview with Dr. Sara Shariati on the social aspects of carpet weaving, interview with Dr. Toraj Daryaii on the history of Persian carpet, a report on the export of Persian carpet in first half of current year, and a report on the 22nd exhibition of Persian carpet are included in the 4th edition of Torreh. You can find notes and editorials by scholars like Aidin Aghdashloo, Parviz Kalantari, Saed Nikzat, Shirin Soresrafil, Shahab Moradi, etc. besides some articles on Persian carpet in the fourth edition of Torreh. Carpeting workstations in Sardroud area is portrayed in this edition with a look to the carpet tableaus produced in Iran.

3rd edition/carpet and the market

One can find academic views by Dr. Farshad Momeni on "the micro and macro economy of carpet industry", Dr. Fokohi on "the carpet in the process of globalization and industrialization", Dr. M. Mehdi Forghani on "the market as a base for conventional communication", Shirin Soresrafil on "the carpet fairs, privatization of Persian Carpet Company, international rivals and Tehran market with a glance at the university graduates in the market." Also, critiques of "Taste making and taste finding in carpeting ", "Common window for trades", "Turning in favor of customer" and "How to manage the carpet efficiently" are good foods of thought added to this edition.

2rd edition/ bimonthly edition of Persian handmade carpet

Interview with Aidin Aghdshloo on the subject of "carpet and Iranian spirit", and new columns on "benefits of healthy handmade carpet versus machine-woven carpets", "review of carpeting events in 9th and 10th cabinets of Iranian government", "fate of Persian rugs in Golestan Palace complex", "carpet for holy shrines", "largest carpet sale in the New York market", "carpet standing on its own feet", "renaissance in carpeting industry", "effects of dying in interior designs of buildings" and "report of Persian handmade carpeting cooperatives " are available in this edition.

1st edition/ bimonthly edition of Persian handmade carpet

Please read "interview with Bahman Farmanara about carpet and life", "report on Hormoz Island's sand carpet", "visiting carpet gallery of Abolfazl Shahi", "Iranian National Scientific Association of Carpeting", "reduction in Persian carpet export volume in the past decade", "how Iranian carpeting industry turned out to be independent?", "a brief look at history of Persian carpet", "pathological study of research in Persian carpet", etc.
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