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A forum on how to advertise and introduce handmade Persian carpet to Europe was attended by experts in Iran pavilion in Domotex, 2015, Germany.


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A forum on how to advertise and introduce handmade Persian carpet to Europe was attended by experts in Iran pavilion in Domotex, 2015, Germany.
The features of Persian carpet worthy of advertisements for European markets, the necessity of considering Persian carpet as an art work, and focusing on indirect advertisements through well-known European figures were among the issues discussed in this forum.
The curator of the National Persian Carpet Center attending this forum stated via an internet connection that: “this discussion over Persian carpet with the presence of non-Iranian figures is very promising and I hope that this desire and enthusiasm will be constantly maintained.”
Hamid Kargar underscoring the need for creating a discourse for Persian carpet and promoting these talks over this old cultural heritage added; “as a journalist, I consider Persian carpet as a form of media which can be utilized at the service of establishing an art diplomacy. This form of media speaks of culture and traditions of Iranian ethnic groups in diverse geographical regions enjoying a rich history. In fact, the Persian carpet possesses abundant variety, and this variety can be really attractive to the European market.”
Highlighting the existence of great variety in Persian carpets and comparing it to the big variety of German cars; AliMajedi, the Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Germany , stressed on informing the customers about different prices accordingly.
The manager of advertising company of UP with reference to a hidden story behind every knot of Persian carpetstated that: “today customers are eager to know the origins of the traditional artifacts and to discover the story behind them. Their lack of knowledge about philosophy of patterns and designs of Persian carpet is a proof that we are suffering from a communication problem, and the truth is, we have not provided them with useful information.”
UvakhimPabes also added: “ the customers detest the direct slogans, so we should not inform people that way, rather we should create appeal and attraction for them . For instance, we could benefit from the presence of famous figures as messengers for Persian carpet, and also ask the people if they make a connection with the carpet and where this piece of art stands in their life”.
EivaldSchlogel , as one of the experts and suppliers of carpet in Austria, emphasized that what makes Persian carpet totally distinct from other floor coverings is its artistic aspect. He also indicated: “ it is totally wrong to consider Persian carpet merely as a floor covering. And if so, hence we have misrepresented Persian carpet through an incorrect introduction.”
He added: “carpet is the most precious, the most attractive, and of the greatest sentimental value in household goods; it is a food for soul, taken for granted. Therefore, it is duty of the journalists to convey the hidden message of carpet to people. They should create this desire in their target customers.”
Schlogel with reference to the originality of Persian carpets said: “since Chinese dishes and silk carpets are faked, they are totally valueless; while Persian carpet is original and nature-inspired. The customer should be informed that Persian carpet is not made of Polyester, its materials are natural and from animals. The animals which are not slaughtered,but their fleece is shorn for this purpose. Polyester is an intrusion on art atmosphere of our houses. Thus, a customer needs to be made aware that handmade Persian carpet comes from nature and from a country owning a 2500-year-old civilization.”
Also Peter Makh mentioned that not having professional sellers -capable of properly introducing this piece of art to customers- is a real weak point. He also indicated:” when they sell the Persian carpet on the internet without due attention, the customer thinks that he is purchasing an ordinary floor covering and accordingly does not appreciate its artistic value.”
This carper expert also added: “ If people were aware of the Persian carpet value, they would not use it on the floor . This value should be pointed out by our sellers. Obviously, the customer has no interest in slogans and all marketing hype, rather he is eager to get true information.”
The chief editor of Carpet XL journal , as one of the attendees in this forum, said: “ to create demand in customers, carpet should be put on display. When there is no place for carpet in journals of home décor and furniture, it is obvious that people do not see it and do not even think about it. So there is no demand for it.”
Tim Schtinert also added: “the weakness in communication is not restricted to the relation between seller and customer, rather it applies to that of seller and producer as well. As a result of this weakness, the market demand in terms of desirability of colour, size , and design is not properly negotiated with the producer.”
In this forum some other important issues were discussed as well. The issues included: the need to inform the customers about the dip in price of Persian carpet in European markets influenced by stock fluctuations in Iran, the need to gain back the Europeans’ trust in Persian carpet and the sellers of this art piece, and the avoidance of giving unreal discounts and unbelievable prices to the customers.
This forum was held on Sunday afternoon, January 18th,and attended by UvakhimPabes ( manager of advertising company of UP from Hamburg), EivaldSchlogel (carpet expert from Austria), SiavashAzadi (carpet researcher from Hamburg), Peter Makh ( carpet expert from Frankfurt), Frantz Eikeldr ( carpet expert from Cologn), Tim Schtinert ( chief editor of Carpet XL journal from Hamburg), NariVervier ( manager of Vervier company from Antrup), BahramTahbaz ( head of the union of Persian carpet importers in Europe), Ali Majedi ( ambassador of Iran in Germany), and Zohuri ( Consul General of Iran in Germany). Plus Hamid Kargar( curator of the National Persian Carpet Center) who took part in this discussion via video-conferencing of an internet connection.

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